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About New Website

Welcome to Shaurya International new Ready Jewelry web site. All producs on this site are in ready stock and can be shipped in 3 to 5 days.

Make a new account on this site. The shopping cart on this site is not linked with our main website so you'll need a new account here.
Great, once you have your new account you can have full access to our website.

To Browse: You can choose various category options on the top. Once you are in the category then you can Sort and filter results from the drop down menus on the pages.

Search: We have a powerful search on the top right. You can search terms like Moonstone, Rings etc and it will show you exact items.

Checkout: Once you have all items in your cart you can go to Checkout. If any item is not there with us then you can update the quantity in the cart and then proceed to checkout.